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Lesson 10: Get Directions / Help
Quote: ‘A big mistake you can make is not asking for help.’
Statement: Being able to know how to ask for help in the right way and at the right time can be life saving for some children. Many children ask for help in the wrong way and at the wrong time, and eventually stop asking for help because they feel adults either don’t care or don’t listen. In Lesson 10 on the BRIDGE BUILDERS® Online Program you will find some simple and powerful ways to teach your children how to be problem solvers and seek the help they need. These skills are really helpful for children to use anywhere and for the rest of their life.
Research: When we have challenges in relationships we can all benefit from wise help. Research by Tyre & Ellis (1993) suggested that seeking help “includes material resources, others' skill, time and effort, as well emotional support. By actively seeking help from others when faced with a problem, resources can be more efficiently allocated to the problem at hand, increasing the chances that the challenge can be surmounted.”
Tips to teach this skill at home:
1.   Listen, really listen to them. Give them eye contact, repeat back what they say.
2.   Ask them what they tried that worked and what didn’t work.
3.   Have them practise asking for help from an adult with you. Encourage them to use this skill at home when they need your help.
4.   Encourage them, especially any effort they have tried to solve the problem.
5.   Ask them if they have any ideas of what they would like you to do to help
6.   Consider calling their teacher and organising to have a chat about what is happening and how you can work together to empower your child.
7.   If the conflict is with a sibling, consider whether you need to step in and mediate or talk to your other child about consequences.
8. With your child, visit the BRIDGE BUILDERS® Online Learning Program Lesson Ten and do some of the fun activities as a family. Validating this learning empowers your child with valuable skills to learn how to; Get Help and be empowered for life!
By Jocelyne Chirnside
Empowering Life Skills